Piano Tuning / Services

Tuning, Service and Evaluation

Pianos, like other items made partly of wood, are greatly affected by changes in temperature and humidity. For this reason a piano needs to be tuned at least annually to maintain a rich musical tone. If you are a teacher or performer, you may choose to have your piano tuned twice a year as you will likely appreciate the greater accuracy that this can maintain.

As well as tuning, pianos require regulating (adjusting the moving parts to gain optimum efficiency) and voicing (adjusting the hammer heads to provide the best tone possible). These services are recommended every few years and can be done as an extended consultation at the same time as a tuning. Please remember to advise this when booking your next service.

Another service that we can provide is that of evaluating pianos. It may be that you are looking to purchase a piano privately or you may just want more information about your own piano. We can provide a Condition Report and also advise regarding a pianos Market Value. Please call for details.

Piano Repairs

If your piano feels a bit sick, don't hesitate to give us a call

Because of the complex design of a piano, it is not uncommon for individual notes to stop working, stick down, squeak or even for a string to break. These problems are very individual will requiring a service call to inspect the situation and recommend a solution.

It is also common for insects or vermin to damage a piano if it is left unprotected or not inspected regularly. This can damage felts and other parts.

We stock a large supply of felts and parts which allows us to address damaged parts quickly and efficiently.

Piano Rebuilding

Give your piano a second life!

After a lifetime of making music, a piano will reach a stage where it is old, tired and unable to perform at the standard of it’s younger years. It could have a variety of issues from sticking keys to squeaky pedals, rusty strings (often the case in grand pianos) to damaged case woodwork.

Piano rebuilding involves the repair and refurbishment of every part of a piano including the case, action, strings, soundboard and pinblock. Because each of our clients have different needs we will seek to carefully tailor a rebuilding package that is suitable for you and your budget.

Piano Hire

If you're not ready to commit just yet

Piano People are often called upon to supply a piano for everything from a concert to a wedding.
We have a professional quality gloss black Kawai GE-30 designated for this very purpose as well as a professional gloss black upright for a more budget priced solution.

Please contact us for details, availability and pricing.

Piano Removals

We'll get your piano moving

At Piano People we strive to provide prompt, fully insured and professional solutions for all of your piano moving needs. With years of experience on the Coast – we have ‘seen it all’ when it comes to removals. Please call for advice and a quotation.

Piano Care

We'll help with maintaining your piano in good shape

We are keen to help piano owners keep their pianos is great condition. To this end we sell Piano Polish, Grand String Covers and External Piano Covers (from Japan). We also sell and recommend Camphor Blocks as an appropriate deterrent for addressing most insect and vermin problems.

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